Spectacular: A Poem

As self-protection
Conforming and modifying
As appeasement
Avoiding conflict and isolation
Caution breeds buffers
From defensive
And accusatory ridicule
Specifications provide ample detail
To take in what is spoken
Bubble-wrapped in hopes of swerving
Out of the realm
Of potential harm
Yet, another layer
Of self approaches
To ensure feasible guise
Indeed valuable
But simultaneously reinforcing
Protective mechanisms of necessity
Effectively unsure and unremarkable in self
Systems of survival
Ascribed to a newer fashion
Marred as harbored ways
In which truth diminished
Countless moments
Countering the power
The absorbed essence of depth within
Leaked out vapors
A universe of cautionary measures
Of not enough
A standard protocol
A well-fed mind
To distinguish safe from unsafe
Tangible from intangible
Moved as straight line
Weaving as rigid thread
Misinterpretations, thrust upon
Opinions lavished up
Loquacious torturous comebacks
Invasive obtuse daggers
Rejection aligned with failure
Inadequacy piled upon inadequacy
All this, harbored
Until the mirrors
Tumbled forth
Shattered shards
Pierced and broken
And in this place: opened
To no-evaporation
Stretched and vulnerable
Seasoned and rectified
Blanketed and vivid
Spectacular in her coming
by Samantha Craft 1/30/16

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