#DifferentBetter in Honor of Autism Awareness Month


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.34.44 PMHi All,

It’s me Sam, author of Everyday Aspie Blog and Everyday Aspergers Blog (soon to be a book!!!). Here’s a link to my Different Better Story. Besides writing and being a mom to three teenage boys and a neurotic dog, I am a manager at ULTRA Testing, a wonderful technology company started by two MIT graduates.

ULTRA was founded with autistic folks in mind. One of my job duties at ULTRA is interviewing people (many with autism/Asperger’s) to be remote (work from home) software testers in the USA. I greatly enjoy having the opportunity to interact with people on the autism spectrum from all over the country, and to learn about their unique skills and backgrounds.

Today, in honor of Autism Awareness month, ULTRA Testing launched this new site #Different#Better, where anyone is welcome to share about their differences.

The site reads: “We all feel different some of the time. Some of us feel different all the time. But differences don’t need to separate us or hold us back. DifferentBetter celebrates diverse ways of thinking and learning by giving voice to those of us, neurodiverse and neurotypical, who believe our differences make us better.”

Mine is the 4th video, (at this time), under my nickname ‘Marcie.’ My supervisor says I sound warm, creative, and intelligent. I think I sound like a twelve-year-old goof! But that’s perfectly okay. While making my video, (alone, by myself, with only my dog watching), I spent most of the time analyzing how my chin went big from narrow based on the angle of the camera and the shifty look of my eyes as I focused on the I-Phone camera. That, and how I should likely style my hair better for public displays. And I wondered if I’d ever learn how to apply makeup.

Anyhow, I am super proud of ULTRA for putting this together. They are choosing to celebrate all of our differences!

Take a look! And feel free to share or add your own video!

Best ~ Sam


FYI/Legal Jargon: My blog and book are not associated with ULTRA Testing. My views don’t necessarily match their views, etc. etc. 

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