Balancing the World; thoughts on leadership and autism

Originally posted on Everyday Asperger's:
My entire life, like many on the autism spectrum, I have oftentimes been misjudged, misinterpreted, and misunderstood. When I finally, after over four decades on this earth, located individuals with like minds, I was overcome with mixed emotions. I’d finally found “my people” and at the same time lost…


Introducing & our Neurodiverse News & Resource Page

I am excited to share our new company website, Spectrum Suite, LLC, and the NEW Neurodiverse News & Resource Page! You will find the most thorough list to date of influential and talented autistics. I created this connection hub in efforts to connect more and more neurodiverse activists, advocates, and creators. (And to help me with my… Continue reading Introducing & our Neurodiverse News & Resource Page

Adults share how recognizing autism changed their lives

Yesterday, I asked community members at @Everyday Aspergers, “How has finding out you are or might be on the autism spectrum changed your life in a beneficial way?” And these were the responses. Having ASD has enriched my life in many ways. ~ Kasey I am an adult autistic diagnosis. The joy and excitement to discover… Continue reading Adults share how recognizing autism changed their lives

10 Ways to Assist Your Autistic Loved One

Thinking upon three autistics, my middle son (age seventeen), my adult partner, and myself, the following things assist: Having things out in the open. When items are out in the open and I can see them and know there is ‘enough.’ This applies to real concrete objects and other people’s thoughts and opinions. When something… Continue reading 10 Ways to Assist Your Autistic Loved One

Why Boundaries are Difficult (Autism)

  BOUNDARIES There is no doubt I long to protect my integrity, to take care of myself, to limit my exposure to harms way. Problem is, that much like the hidden, unspoken rules of social interaction, boundary setting remains an elusive abstraction, somewhat of an invisible tooth extracted and implanted in my mouth—with no concreteness,… Continue reading Why Boundaries are Difficult (Autism)

Unknowns, Boundaries, and Autism: A Reflection

THIS IS A RAMBLE. For a shorter, more ‘reader friendly’ version, go here To see my brain in action . . . Read on. (There are some comma errors in this. Apologies!) I had planned on working from home today. In fact, I likely “should” be doing that right now. However, I make my own hours,… Continue reading Unknowns, Boundaries, and Autism: A Reflection

Autistic Checklist by Samantha Craft

Hello! From Samantha Craft (aka Marcelle Ciampi) The checklist is on my website, Spectrum Suite LLC, with updated language:  (Less Aspergers and more Autistic language.) Here is the original posting from 2012 on the original blog.  The Second Edition of Everyday Aspergers is now available in many countries. Over 100 Amazon reviews and strong ratings.… Continue reading Autistic Checklist by Samantha Craft