Introducing & our Neurodiverse News & Resource Page

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I am excited to share our new company website, Spectrum Suite, LLC, and the NEW Neurodiverse News & Resource Page! You will find the most thorough list to date of influential and talented autistics. I created this connection hub in efforts to connect more and more neurodiverse activists, advocates, and creators. (And to help me with my memory!) It’s a one place stop for reference to well-known autistics aspiring to make a difference in the world through their actions, stories, and art. As well as some professionals who are leading the way through their service in the autism community.

The site is also the website associated with my upcoming book, Everyday Aspergers, set for publication in June of 2016! However, the site is so much more! Have a look around our work in progress. Feel free to link the Resource Page to your blog, website, or social media. Check out our first annual gathering this August. All ages welcome. It’s in a beautiful state park with hiking trails and the crisp fresh air of the evergreens.

“Spectrum Suite, LLC is a small grassroots company dedicated to celebrating neurodiversity through all forms of art and artistic expression. Our services include supporting worldwide artists by featuring them on our website and promoting their works; producing and providing quality and unique neurodiverse literature with a special emphasis on the autistim spectrum; and serving the neurodiverse community and their loved ones through community outreach and educational events . . Dedicated to service, a minimum of 10% of all revenue is donated to a selected charity each year. In addition, most monies are recycled—reinvested into the arts, new writing projects, and community outreach.”

Link to resource page: here

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4 thoughts on “Introducing & our Neurodiverse News & Resource Page

  1. Checking in reading up about the wonderful Samantha Craft! I am very much looking forward to helping you.


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