10 Things Not to Say to an Autistic Person Video BBC III

I love this video for multiple reasons. It’s presented in manageable, easy-to-digest bites, it’s relevant, the participants are true autistics, and they share common challenges of those of us on the spectrum. Mostly, I appreciate how they are sharing that we are all unique. It’s nice to see fellow autistics; seeing them reinforces I’m not alone. And we definitely are a subgroup growing in our sense of a collective and sense of self. Bravo, for a job well done.

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13 thoughts on “10 Things Not to Say to an Autistic Person Video BBC III

  1. Reblogged this on bookwormval and commented:
    Tal como dice Samantha, un video que presenta en bocados fáciles de digerir y manejables aspectos relevantes. Los participantes son autistas y comparten los desafíos usuales de los que nos ubicamos en el espectro. De la BBC, con la calidad acostumbrada


  2. Thank you so much for this. Having just discovered at the age of 55 that it is autism that explains everything in my life, I am busy absorbing everything I can find by autistics and I loved these young people. I still have one in there somewhere and hope to let her learn it is safe to come out and play. I am sure there will still be many struggles, but after the years of misdiagnoses and constant searching for what was ‘wrong’ with me, I now know the answer – nothing!! Thank you for another piece of a sense of belonging.

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  3. Thank you for sharing. British folks have a great dry wit sense of humor. Here are some I’ve heard:
    You can’t be autistic, you can shake my hand (this was back in 1999). You’re not autistic, you’re spoiled and manipulative (when people lay and professional alike have seen a meltdown). Why don’t you like dogs/kids? I didn’t get a chance to have a choice. You are a fraud. You will end up in jail or the morgue-from a psychiatrist. Said in a very high and shrill sing song voice, “Help me, I have autism!” EMT girls mocking me while I was on a stretcher in ER.


  4. Hi – do you have a support group/forum for young women newly diagnosed with autism/aspergers? My daughter is isolated, bullied and traumatised and needs contact with people who get it. As the video showed, very few people do – she gets told all the time she doesn’t look autistic, she seems quite intelligent and asked if she’s sure she’s not just a bit depressed/lazy. It makes her difficulties a thousand times harder to cope with and there is a limit to what her dad and I can do, she really needs contacts her own age. Thank you, Den


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