Autism Spectrum Diagnosis, Helpful Links, & New Video!

  “What can I do? I think I am on the autism spectrum . . .” Multiple times individuals have contacted me through social media and online venues inquiring about what to do now that they believe they have Asperger’s Syndrome and/or that they are autistic. Whether or not to seek out an Autism Spectrum… Continue reading Autism Spectrum Diagnosis, Helpful Links, & New Video!

Samantha Craft speaks live about autism, service, & support About 5 minutes into the broadcast, Samantha and Eli talk about autism, females on the spectrum, support, community, and service, in this 50-minute recorded-live interview. A wonderful and kind host. Enjoy.    

FREE E-Book of Everyday Aspergers!

Everyday Aspergers has received 5 star reviews and praise from autistic advocates and bestselling authors. 10 years in the making. Here are links to some of the countries: · Amazon US link: · Amazon UK link: · Amazon Australia link: The softback version is available in USA on Amazon here. Current updates can… Continue reading FREE E-Book of Everyday Aspergers!