What If the Tables were Turned

What if The Tables were Turned . . . What would it be like if autistics were the founders, owners, leaders, managers, and supervisors in most businesses in the world? And we told the non-autistics that we would train them for bottom-level entry jobs but they could work their way up, maybe. And we told the… Continue reading What If the Tables were Turned

Meet Rudy Simone

Meet Rudy Simone: Autistic Bestselling Author, Advocate & President and Founder of the International Aspergirl® Society Sam: Thank you for being here, Rudy. It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to get to know you and to learn more about your recent works and projects. Your well-received Aspergirls was one of the first books I picked up, years… Continue reading Meet Rudy Simone

What This Autistic Teacher Wants Professionals to Know

What This Autistic Teacher would like Professionals to Know . . . ONE: Many of us on the autism spectrum embrace the word “autistic” and prefer the use of autistic over phrases such as “with autism” or “with Aspergers.” Autistic isn’t a bad word. How one refers to oneself is a personal preference. TWO: Autism… Continue reading What This Autistic Teacher Wants Professionals to Know

Mama Bear

I recently found my “mama bear!” She’s been hiding somewhere. Out in the way-back country of my psyche, I suppose. She’s awake, and I am not so sure what to do with her. However, I notice these seismic emotional waves generated by an impulse of some sort or another. To be frank, the thought of convictions… Continue reading Mama Bear