10 Facts You May Not Know About the Book Everyday Aspergers


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  1. The book Everyday Aspergers was ten years in the making.
  1. The author, a former schoolteacher and respected leader in the autism community, was diagnosed with Aspergers in her mid-forties; she has dyslexia and dyspraxia.
  1. 1000s of copies have been given away for free.
  1. Everyday Aspergers is critically acclaimed by professionals and authors, including Steve Silberman of the best-selling book Neurotribes.
  1. The book was a fully self-funded project, including professional editing services, cover design, and top-notch publication services.
  1. The original soft back book included upgraded cover and page materials to address sensory needs of readers.
  1. The Kindle version is priced well below market price to ensure affordability to the autism community.
  1. Multiple pages were intricately edited over the years, with attention to word choice, imagery, word flow, and rhythm.
  1. The selections were refined from past memoirs, in addition to over 1000 pages of online writings.
  1. The author continues to raise awareness and provide support in the autism community, including her work at myspectrumsuite.com, her current blog Everyday Aspie, and her career as a job recruiter and manager for a tech company that employs autistics to work from home in the USA.

(Second edition cover by autistic artist!)


Please consider supporting this book project.

Second Edition by Your Stories Matter is now available worldwide!

Search Amazon: Everyday Aspergers: A journey on the autism spectrum

2nd Edition Kindle version coming in 2019.

Find me at myspectrumsuite.com




5 thoughts on “10 Facts You May Not Know About the Book Everyday Aspergers

  1. Sam, you are so amazing inside and out. Your writing is second to none. I’m reading this book out loud to my (legally blind) partner and we’re coming across so many thoughts expressed in this book that when I look over at him, he’s got his eyes closed and a half-smile and he’s nodding knowingly. There are so many parallels; this book really speaks to me (well, to both of us) 😊 I can’t praise this book enough. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read! (And as a hyperlexic, that’s saying a lot! Lol) ❤️❤️
    ~The Silent Wave 💞


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