During this time of New Year’s Resolutions, I am reminded that life is not about me, but about us.


I recognize.

I recognize myself in you.

I respect.

I respect my right to set goals, have plans, and set out for success.

I respect my ability to discern and base actions on history.

I respect a tendency to veer off the road of best judgment.

I respect my innate inner drive and natural seeking of self-preservation.

I respect words and actions outside my comfort zone.

I respect the ability to speak the mind and reflect a truth.

I respect my spectrum of emotions and experience.

I respect the limitless of the mind and our potential.

I vow to respect you, in the same way I respect myself.

In order to respect you fully, I will respect myself fully.

In order to respect myself fully, I forgive.

I forgive.

I forgive my high expectations.

I forgive harsh judgment.

I forgive moments of weakness, confusion, and exhaustion.

I forgive selfish motivations and bouts of spite.

I forgive the wanting to be above or beyond.

I forgive unkind words and unkind actions.

I forgive the results of actions based solely on fear.

I forgive the need for wanting more, not seeing there is enough.

I accept, that like myself, others long to be forgiven.

I accept that in forgiving myself, I have forgiven others.

I accept.

I accept individualized ideals, viewpoints, and perceptions.

I accept a natural inclination to evaluate and create order from disorder.

I accept frailties, discrepancies, hypocrisy, and doubts.

I accept the potentiality to reach beyond boundaries and limitations.

I accept the need to be recognized, cherished, and loved.

I accept the fluctuating states of being.

I accept the fear in all shapes, sizes, guises, and forms.

I accept the cyclic nature of achievement and longing.

I recognize, that like myself, others long to be accepted.

I recognize that in accepting myself, I have accepted others.

I recognize.

I recognize myself in you.





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