My 10 Most Embarrassing Dyslexic Moments


10. In my teaching years, writing ‘LSD’ in a note home from school to a family, when I meant ‘LDS.’

9. When I wrote I have ‘dsylexia’ to a job scout, on social media, in a note to a friend, on a disability forum, during this post earlier, and so forth.

8. The fact that I have checked the spelling of address, committee, and misspelling at least 500 times in my life, and that I consistently misspell homophones; as if I don’t know the difference between too and too, hour and our, their and there! (And in college, when the kind professor pulled me into her office, to teach me a trick about spelling separate. Hint: the two a’s are sandwiched between two e’s.)

7. The time two strangers (men) literally stopped me in their tracks with their shopping carts to start a conversation, because I accidentally wore that red sweater backwards; only later to discover my boobs looked like torpedoes.

7. As a 5th grade teacher, when a parent accused me of being careless and not caring, right after I had painstakingly worked on a recommendation letter for her daughter (my student) for two days; I spelled the child’s first name wrong.

6. The pastor with the (long) finger at the 4-Square church office, who went from, “I just got a message from God that you are a very, important blessing,” to “You know there are three errors on this flyer you made . . . here, here, and here.”

5. When dysgraphia was on the back of the first edition of my book cover, in the summary section, instead of what I really have: dyspraxia; I corrected it by second edition. And (today) when I wrote ‘afterward’ instead of ‘afterword’ in a social media post about the new section in my book.

4. When I texted my acupuncturist that I was waiting at his office—it was Tuesday, not Thursday.

3. When I forever signed my name in my classmates’ 1986 high school yearbooks in combination with the greeting: congradulations!

2. When my high school English teacher said, “I am very disappointed in you for hiding the spelling test answers in the pleat of your cheerleading skirt.”

1. The fact that I did not intentionally put two number sevens in this post (or two number sixes/I fixed that) and that I still use my fingers to count.


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Sam is the author of Everyday Aspergers: A journey on the autism spectrum.


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