Take a Look Inside E.A. by Samantha Craft

I invite you to take a look inside of my book Everyday Aspergers.

Take a look here.

(I just deleted an entire paragraph explaining why I am uncomfortable with self-promotion. I’ll spare you the details!)

My publisher, Your Stories Matter, took great care to provide this ‘book-to-look’ version of the second edition of Everyday Aspergers.

(I’ve truly failed at promoting my own book. I usually promote Steve Silberman’s book in my travels and teachings. Typical me!)

Over a year ago, I decided to move my memoir from one agency to another. I made this decision to ensure the paperback was available outside of the USA. Here are ten facts you might not know about E.A.

The second edition of Everyday Aspergers : A Journey on the Autism Spectrum can be purchased on Amazon in several countries. It makes a great gift!

The new book cover is by a talented autistic author and writer. The pages, of the new edition, have photos and images from my childhood. I added a new end chapter. The layout, pages, and style are different. It’s the same story in an enhanced casing.


As an aside, I’ve been very busy with personal life and vocational life and physical health changes! Some ‘good.’ Some challenging. For the most part, I am fairing well.

Below is me, my partner David, and a Microsoft representative. Professionally, you can find out what I’m doing on my LinkedIn profile. Feel free to connect.

I’ve been waiting for my higher power to kick me into high-gear-writing-mode, but I think the power that be is on an extended vacation on my home planet (not earth), and therefore, obviously, unable to answer my needs.

I had a wild hair to create a Spectrum Lights Inclusion Summit in our home in Olympia, Washington, USA, end-September 2019. David (below) was a partner in crime. I blame it on my heightened dopamine levels, that sadly leveled out a week prior to the event!

I had absolutely no idea how much work a Summit would be. Figured I was a school teacher in the past, taught teenagers five days a week; a summit was doable! No problem!

Life had another idea in mind.

On the other hand, I had absolutely no idea how powerful and confirming collecting 35+ neurodivergents (from around the U.S. and outside the U.S.) under one roof would be! The most beautiful of souls! We’re hoping to have a 2020 Inclusion Summit. (I won’t be leading the event.)

Maybe this post is an indication that my higher power is orbiting above earth and preparing to launch me into writing mode. I need to get my butt in gear and write!

(Very hard to understand this saying– difficult to visualize. Keep seeing a rod sticking out of flesh . . . I have a hard time writing ‘ass’ and wanted to write ‘bottom.’ But bottom seemed foolish).

Much love to you,


P.S. The Urban dictionary states:

“Get your ass in gear means to hurry the f*** up, and start moving your ass instead of sittin on it. Often told to lazy slackers sitting around on their fat asses smokin bowls and updating their face book accounts.”

Hmmmmm…. I am still trying to figure out this strange world.




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