Hello From Sam. 2020.

Hello All,

Personal and professional life is keeping me very busy — that and binge watching Netflix and Amazon Prime shows. Priorities. Priorities.

Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to! I’ll try to be self-deprecating enough, so this doesn’t sound like a bunch of bragging. Case in point, I had to look up how to spell deprecating; my first guess was ‘self-deprivating.’ Which is better than last time, when I wrote ‘devecating.’ Gotta love dyslexia.

I recently started managing a small team at my workplace. In addition, I am speaking at the first ever Stanford University Neurodiversity Project! (I keep spelling it as ‘Standford.’ My brain is so weird.) I also had a hand in designing the volunteer T-shirts (my input on what to say), website language for the event, and other content. I am looking forward to meeting Steve Silberman of the book Neurotribes when we land in San Francisco. (He reviewed my book, years back, and is one of my super heroes.) I also was helpful in arranging for Steve to speak in Seattle at two upcoming events in April. Stay posted here, for more information. Beyond the Neurodiversity Summit, I’m assisting with the Spectrum Lights Inclusion Summit and Southwest Washington Conference. I am also flying to L.A. soon for a fundraising event for neuroguides.org!

I recently went to New York City, and did a panel presentation at General Assembly. Someone (I don’t know) who was in the audience did a writeup on the event, and summarized my thoughts quite well. It was a well-received event. Comments like this: “Myself and the whole GA community were so incredibly moved by your words on stage” and “The whole General Assembly community was truly in awe of the presentation . . . ” I was there representing Ultranauts Inc. (formerly Ultra Testing) and finally got to meet my supervisor, Brian King (in sweater), for the first time in almost four years!!! No kidding.

Here is the video of the presentation! Warning, I have an answer for everything. Multiple answers. And I still haven’t mastered sitting upright like a lady with my legs closed. Oh, well.


New York with J David Hall of neuroguides.org was wonderful. He helps me greatly. I finally implemented some important self-care and utilized a wheelchair at a few venues. It still took me about a week of working from bed to recoup, though. But, today it’s sunny, and that helps, much! Here we are chilling in a pub. Actually warming up, as it was cold. No snow — we lucked out there. We’ll likely return to New York in March to train employees of a large (well known) government agency.

Next wintertime I go to New York, I am brining a black jacket and a black hat. I was the only one who had a colorful scarf and hat in the whole city. I actually counted. (Okay, so there was maybe one or two tourists who stood out.) I will also pack a jacket, so I don’t have to wear two sweaters secured by multiple safety pins! Lessons learned. This is outside the Ultranauts office on Broad Street, New York. I’d never been to New York!

Today, I spent some time prepping for a ERE Recruiting Conference (San Diego, April 2020). I am speaking with J David Hall. More information found here.I’ve been sharing articles and spreading the news about neurodiversity in the workplace. If you follow or connect with my other-ego, Marcelle Ciampi, on Linkedin, there are many articles I’ve written on the topic. My biggest challenge, to date (which is not such a bad issue to have), is trying to suction out of my brain what knowledge I want to share, and to determine when I’ve over-shared way too much information.

Here is a podcast I did recently . . . At Autism Stories by Autism Personal Coach

And an interview at the Art of Autism!

Creativity, Neurodiversity and Employment: An Interview With Samantha Craft

Today, super soon, I’ll be presenting at AANE.

AANE Webinar: Empowering Teens & Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum for the Job Seeking Venture

David and I have some of our services listed here. 

The best way to support me and my efforts is to purchase my book for yourself, a loved one, or donate it to a mental health therapist or library.  My webinar is about to start. I need to walk Violet, my doggy, to the office to hangout with David, so she doesn’t bark and act like her generally cute (but annoying) self/dog. I will say goodbye here and post a bit more below! Goodbye!!!

I was live here, last week. And then rested in bed for three days. Oh, the joys of sensory overload! Apologies over the quality of the video. I suggest, advise… strongly urge you to just listen and not watch. Especially as my hat is oversized.


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