The Naysayers and The Names We Call Ourselves

Before you continue, I encourage you to read this and this. Primarily, so I don’t have to repeat myself. * Much like the gender spectrum, considering the neurodiversity spectrum, I believe it is my personal right (and yours) to self-identify. * My neurology, essentially my autism (or Aspergers), is part of my identity and genetic… Continue reading The Naysayers and The Names We Call Ourselves

Take a Look Inside E.A. by Samantha Craft

I invite you to take a look inside of my book Everyday Aspergers. Take a look here. (I just deleted an entire paragraph explaining why I am uncomfortable with self-promotion. I’ll spare you the details!) My publisher, Your Stories Matter, took great care to provide this ‘book-to-look’ version of the second edition of Everyday Aspergers.… Continue reading Take a Look Inside E.A. by Samantha Craft

Short Excerpts: On Autism

Hello friends. Sisters and brothers on the spectrum and those that are our strong supporters. . . be they lovers, friends, companions, guardians, counselors, neighbors, relatives . . . I’ve been working on a companion book to Everyday Aspergers. It will be excerpts from my three blogs Everyday Aspergers, Everyday Aspie, and Belly of a… Continue reading Short Excerpts: On Autism

It’s All About the Ovaries. Second Edition of Everyday Aspergers: Part One

So, I’ve been procrastinating on this post since December 2018. I’ve analyzed why and have come up short. It’s likely that I don’t care much for self-promotion. Indeed, in the last 6+ years I can count on one hand how many times I’ve asked folks to share about my Everyday Aspergers Facebook page. (And that… Continue reading It’s All About the Ovaries. Second Edition of Everyday Aspergers: Part One

10 Facts You May Not Know About the Book Everyday Aspergers

  The book Everyday Aspergers was ten years in the making. The author, a former schoolteacher and respected leader in the autism community, was diagnosed with Aspergers in her mid-forties; she has dyslexia and dyspraxia. 1000s of copies have been given away for free. Everyday Aspergers is critically acclaimed by professionals and authors, including Steve Silberman of… Continue reading 10 Facts You May Not Know About the Book Everyday Aspergers

Meet Rudy Simone

Meet Rudy Simone: Autistic Bestselling Author, Advocate & President and Founder of the International Aspergirl® Society Sam: Thank you for being here, Rudy. It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to get to know you and to learn more about your recent works and projects. Your well-received Aspergirls was one of the first books I picked up, years… Continue reading Meet Rudy Simone

Autism Spectrum Diagnosis, Helpful Links, & New Video!

  “What can I do? I think I am on the autism spectrum . . .” Multiple times individuals have contacted me through social media and online venues inquiring about what to do now that they believe they have Asperger’s Syndrome and/or that they are autistic. Whether or not to seek out an Autism Spectrum… Continue reading Autism Spectrum Diagnosis, Helpful Links, & New Video!

Samantha Craft speaks live about autism, service, & support About 5 minutes into the broadcast, Samantha and Eli talk about autism, females on the spectrum, support, community, and service, in this 50-minute recorded-live interview. A wonderful and kind host. Enjoy.    

FREE E-Book of Everyday Aspergers!

Everyday Aspergers has received 5 star reviews and praise from autistic advocates and bestselling authors. 10 years in the making. Here are links to some of the countries: · Amazon US link: · Amazon UK link: · Amazon Australia link: The softback version is available in USA on Amazon here. Current updates can… Continue reading FREE E-Book of Everyday Aspergers!

Autistic and Proud!

I am a proud autistic. I am happy to belong to a clan that understands me and doesn’t readily question my motives and intentions. I am pleased to be part of a unit. I no longer feel like a lonely floating piece of a missing whole. I am proud to be myself in completion, after… Continue reading Autistic and Proud!