Defining Autism? Consider the Source

“The main thing every business leader should know about autism is the understanding of autism itself. Without it you will not only be unable to utilize the strengths of your employee, but it will be a complete waste of time, as you’re presuming you speak a language you’ve never learned better than someone who’s spoken… Continue reading Defining Autism? Consider the Source

Autism: Outside the ‘disorder’ box

My favorite course in college, back in the late-80s, was LOGIC! If A = B and B= C, then A = C  Yes! Of course! Indeed! Bravo! Finally something that makes sense in my world! I used a similar line of logic below . . . Autism = a developmental disorder Autism = Disorder A =… Continue reading Autism: Outside the ‘disorder’ box

The Real Voice of Autism

A speech by an autistic What is autism? Once I say I am “autistic,” I understand I will never be perceived the same again. And that is both my sword to bear and light to share. There is no way to fully understand autism, unless you are autistic. But there are numerous ways to raise… Continue reading The Real Voice of Autism