Divergent Justice: One Human’s View of Equality

Feel free to connect with Marcelle Ciampi in Linkedin or Samantha Craft on Facebook Equality does not equate to acceptance—the whole of the human race will never reach mutual agreement on what is acceptable—be it physical, emotional, mental, cognitive or behavioral presentation. It’s an impossibility. There will always remain limits to acceptance based on our… Continue reading Divergent Justice: One Human’s View of Equality

Celebrating Becoming ‘Normal’

I posted a, what-turned-out-to-be, thought provoking statement on social media yesterday (on my Facebook author’s page and Everyday Aspergers page). Thank you for all who partook in the discussion. I had angst after I made my post, and started to stim and move into OCD behaviors. I had to modify one part of my posted… Continue reading Celebrating Becoming ‘Normal’

It’s Time WE Start Questioning Emotional IQ Tests for Autistics

  At times autistics are said to have low emotional IQ levels and told that they need improve emotional IQ levels, by well-meaning employers and support professionals. In fact, some individuals on the autism spectrum are segregated in work environments and told to take emotional IQ trainings, while their peers are not subjected to such… Continue reading It’s Time WE Start Questioning Emotional IQ Tests for Autistics

Autistic and Proud!

I am a proud autistic. I am happy to belong to a clan that understands me and doesn’t readily question my motives and intentions. I am pleased to be part of a unit. I no longer feel like a lonely floating piece of a missing whole. I am proud to be myself in completion, after… Continue reading Autistic and Proud!

#DifferentBetter in Honor of Autism Awareness Month

  Hi All, It’s me Sam, author of Everyday Aspie Blog and Everyday Aspergers Blog (soon to be a book!!!). Here’s a link to my Different Better Story. Besides writing and being a mom to three teenage boys and a neurotic dog, I am a manager at ULTRA Testing, a wonderful technology company started by… Continue reading #DifferentBetter in Honor of Autism Awareness Month