A Simple Message

(Image of stick figure in black paint holding up red empty heart with the words: Trauma is the chronic disruption of connectedness. A quote by Stephen Porges. Original posting of image by Beacon Services in UK.) * The global crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic comes with many challenges and tragic losses. The continual changes and… Continue reading A Simple Message

“It’s Okay to Be Afraid” Notes to Self in the Year of COVID-19

March 31, 2020, Day 22 of ‘shelter in place.’ During these times of the COVID-19 global pandemic, it is reasonable to assume that most individuals will experience some level of fear. Whether the fear is a result of self- or family-preservation, woes of the world, concerns over medical conditions or supplies, a neurological condition, mood… Continue reading “It’s Okay to Be Afraid” Notes to Self in the Year of COVID-19

California Dreaming on Such a Winter’s Day

March 28, 2020 I woke up this morning wanting to make a long list. Facts and findings about the world health pandemic. But even lists seem inappropriate in these times. Day twenty of not leaving home. Winded and short of breath. Propped up in bed for the long haul. Turmeric water. Ginger tea. Tea tree… Continue reading California Dreaming on Such a Winter’s Day

The Brain! The Brain!

  I have been housebound since March 9th, midday. The year is 2020. And there is a pandemic. I have had fear of a coming pandemic since I was four years of age; it was then that I realized what rabies was and what it did. Poor doggies. Since then, several decades have past, and… Continue reading The Brain! The Brain!

Day Eight of Waiting: Watching the Petals Drop

This morning started off well, except for the crushing chest pain that woke me up a couple times before starting my day. David texted to see if I was up, and then, shortly afterward, we met on the upstairs balcony, outside our bedroom doors. This is our new routine. We bundled in blankets and sweaters,… Continue reading Day Eight of Waiting: Watching the Petals Drop

10 Ways to Assist Your Autistic Loved One

Thinking upon three autistics, my middle son (age seventeen), my adult partner, and myself, the following things assist: Having things out in the open. When items are out in the open and I can see them and know there is ‘enough.’ This applies to real concrete objects and other people’s thoughts and opinions. When something… Continue reading 10 Ways to Assist Your Autistic Loved One

Unknowns, Boundaries, and Autism: A Reflection

THIS IS A RAMBLE. For a shorter, more ‘reader friendly’ version, go here To see my brain in action . . . Read on. (There are some comma errors in this. Apologies!) I had planned on working from home today. In fact, I likely “should” be doing that right now. However, I make my own hours,… Continue reading Unknowns, Boundaries, and Autism: A Reflection

Autistic Checklist by Samantha Craft

Hello! From Samantha Craft (aka Marcelle Ciampi) The checklist is on my website, Spectrum Suite LLC, with updated language: http://www.myspectrumsuite.com/samantha-crafts-autistic-traits-checklist/  (Less Aspergers and more Autistic language.) Here is the original posting from 2012 on the original blog.  The Second Edition of Everyday Aspergers is now available in many countries. Over 100 Amazon reviews and strong ratings.… Continue reading Autistic Checklist by Samantha Craft

Autism: A Poem of Anger

  This is what emotions feel like to me. How I stuff and try to navigate the days, until I can no longer keep all that is inside of me, and I burst.   Doused Shattered brain Made whole Reorganized into Frankenstein pieces Stapled segmented fractures United by outdated cement glue Jumbled mess of fool’s… Continue reading Autism: A Poem of Anger