A Visual Representation of My Anxiety: Aspergers (Autism)

MY DANCING STAIRCASE I am autistic (Asperger’s Syndrome). And I have generalized anxiety disorder. Most autistics do, if not all. It’s a byproduct of our very active thought processes and ability to often think in pictures, so that everything, in a sense, becomes very much alive and real. My anxiety is seen and felt in… Continue reading A Visual Representation of My Anxiety: Aspergers (Autism)


Casual visitor Woven through The expressway of reason Penetrated infliction For what I almost thought Or almost wanted to do Everything tangled, mangled Manageable pieces—intermingled into nonetheless Calling to crawl out of the confusion Personified and spawning seasonable wholes Moving and integrating into the way of being Nothing simple Nothing unreal Everything tangible and flavorful… Continue reading Autism

Depression and Autism

Today I went through many letters and poems from my childhood. I came across a few poignant pieces that signify how I related to my world during my youth. I find these old writings telling of my journey. The words validate a young girl who didn’t understand why she seemed so different from many of… Continue reading Depression and Autism