My Human Body Suit Sucks and a ‘God Thing’

In early-May, after two months of continual, extreme chest pressure and shortness of breath, (and basically all the COVID-19 symptoms feasible), David drove my stubborn butt back to urgent care. I refused to go at first, even after David insisted, and didn’t actually go into the clinic until my boss and good friend/coworker made me… Continue reading My Human Body Suit Sucks and a ‘God Thing’

Flat Line and Hooters

Some kind woman (I am assuming) wrote an informative and well-meaning comment on my other blog, Everyday Aspergers, about rapid cycling bipolar. After that I spent an hour being triggered by thoughts of yet another feasible diagnosis, and that’s likely why I am still braless with teeth not brushed, obsessively blogging. I asked my partner Dave,… Continue reading Flat Line and Hooters