The Brain! The Brain!

  I have been housebound since March 9th, midday. The year is 2020. And there is a pandemic. I have had fear of a coming pandemic since I was four years of age; it was then that I realized what rabies was and what it did. Poor doggies. Since then, several decades have past, and… Continue reading The Brain! The Brain!


During this time of New Year’s Resolutions, I am reminded that life is not about me, but about us.   I recognize. I recognize myself in you. I respect. I respect my right to set goals, have plans, and set out for success. I respect my ability to discern and base actions on history. I… Continue reading Resolution

The Sword of Us

I know how you suffer and struggle, how your mind is an exploding universal truth, how you flutter about in sequence, reorganizing and rearranging the very essence of self—a byproduct of thought. Your complexity is amazing and stunningly beautiful, encapsulating what is and what is not, intermingled in a dance of delight and horror. I see… Continue reading The Sword of Us