The Real Voice of Autism

A speech by an autistic What is autism? Once I say I am “autistic,” I understand I will never be perceived the same again. And that is both my sword to bear and light to share. There is no way to fully understand autism, unless you are autistic. But there are numerous ways to raise… Continue reading The Real Voice of Autism

What This Autistic Teacher Wants Professionals to Know

What This Autistic Teacher would like Professionals to Know . . . ONE: Many of us on the autism spectrum embrace the word “autistic” and prefer the use of autistic over phrases such as “with autism” or “with Aspergers.” Autistic isn’t a bad word. How one refers to oneself is a personal preference. TWO: Autism… Continue reading What This Autistic Teacher Wants Professionals to Know

Autism: Lesser Known “Facts”

1. A significant number of autistics don’t identify with a gender or are transgender or bi-gender. A significant number of male autistics relate to the autistic experience that the majority of female Aspergerians express, particularly, intense and confusing emotions, deep empathy, sense of isolation and awkwardness, not being believed when authentic, and difficulty with conforming to… Continue reading Autism: Lesser Known “Facts”

MYTH BUSTERS! 10 Myths About Being Autistic

If you’ve met one autistic individual, you’ve met one autistic individual. Myth Busters Myth #1: We Don’t Have Friends We do have relationships. Like all human beings, sometimes our relationships last and sometimes they don’t. We might prefer to be alone or have a lower tolerance level for crowds, or the company of another person, for… Continue reading MYTH BUSTERS! 10 Myths About Being Autistic