Balancing the World; thoughts on leadership and autism

I wrote this yesterday and couldn’t get the options to work on Everyday Aspie for publishing. Thusly, reblogging from the “mama blog,” Everyday Aspergers.

Everyday Asperger's

My entire life, like many on the autism spectrum, I have oftentimes been misjudged, misinterpreted, and misunderstood. When I finally, after over four decades on this earth, located individuals with like minds, I was overcome with mixed emotions. I’d finally found “my people” and at the same time lost a piece of myself that I thought was extremely different. Lost in the sense that I came to realize, after conversing with other autistics, that I wasn’t so different and “unique” after all. However, this was okay—extremely okay. Finding a home base community in which I was at last understood, accepted, and supported far out weighed any sense of loss of elements of self.

Four-plus years later, after an outpour of online writing, and I am navigating another aspect of my journey. I am entering another unfamiliar zone—a place of no predictability. I am facing a wide-open space of new people…

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One thought on “Balancing the World; thoughts on leadership and autism

  1. thank you very much for your deep and open writing and sharing! it seems to me you touch upon the truth of dark forces coexisting within us as we unfold power. That very much affirms my own experience (of which I can’t talk at the moment). I also seem to recognise your (my own) awareness of the only way ho a balance can be achieved between those two now exposed sides: Call it contemplation, meditation, mindfulness. An ongoing practice of reaching out and within to beyond-understanding while being present. I hope this makes some sense. With my very best wishes!


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