Autism: A Poem of Anger

  This is what emotions feel like to me. How I stuff and try to navigate the days, until I can no longer keep all that is inside of me, and I burst.   Doused Shattered brain Made whole Reorganized into Frankenstein pieces Stapled segmented fractures United by outdated cement glue Jumbled mess of fool’s… Continue reading Autism: A Poem of Anger

Seams I Am, by Autistic Poet Samantha Craft

I am going through my poetry and editing over one hundred pages I scribed during the years I was blogging on Everyday Aspergers, (from 2012 to 2015). This one, Seams I Am, has struck me deeply, this morning. To me it captures much of my journey. Seams I am  Who am I, this mystery before… Continue reading Seams I Am, by Autistic Poet Samantha Craft

#DifferentBetter in Honor of Autism Awareness Month

  Hi All, It’s me Sam, author of Everyday Aspie Blog and Everyday Aspergers Blog (soon to be a book!!!). Here’s a link to my Different Better Story. Besides writing and being a mom to three teenage boys and a neurotic dog, I am a manager at ULTRA Testing, a wonderful technology company started by… Continue reading #DifferentBetter in Honor of Autism Awareness Month