Thanks, But No Thanks




Thanks, But No Thanks

I am offended
I am offended
I don’t agree
You shouldn’t have said that
You shouldn’t have shared that
You should say it this way
That’s the wrong word
We don’t say it that way
Say it this way
Why did you do that?
I trusted you
This isn’t good
According to what I know . . .
According to what I hear . . .
You offended me
That’s offensive
This way is better
And in my experience . . .
Old news
Been said before
I don’t think you understand
That’s a bunch of bullshit
Did you even read that part?
Not true!
I don’t agree because . . .
I don’t like it because . . .
What an idiot
They should rethink that
I’m not impressed
Not worth my time
Let me tell you why
Are wrong
This part, line 5, paragraph 2
Not accurate
According to
My sources
Based on what
I know
That’s false
Are incorrect
This part is okay, but this part
You should fix this part
It would be better
I can’t believe it
I would support this, except for
I probably shouldn’t say this, but
This really bothered me
I am so upset right now
I am shaking; I’m so mad
I have a right to speak out
No one agrees with you
Just look at it from our point of view
Did you ever think about how this affects me?
I understand, but
Please, I never
Meant to offend you
I can’t help myself
This has to be said
It’s important for them to know
They contradict themselves
I have a right to speak
MY mind
MY mind
MY mind

by Samantha Craft of Everyday Aspergers


3 thoughts on “Thanks, But No Thanks

  1. Me too! Spent some time trying to explain MyPointOfView tm * to others on FB, got so far some people proposed to set up a workgroup to brainstorm solutions. It lasted 84 minutes then got deleted by the same person who had the idea for the group.

    *In Holland we kept the English acronym for adhd, not for ASD, in dutch autismespectrum stornissen: ASS. So in Holland everyone talks about persons with ass instead of asd. I’m very visual so I can’t read anything more recently published about autism without seeing butts and donkeys in every paragraph.


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